In 2009, Veterans For Peace passed a resolution seeking a new investigation of 9/11 to challenge the government to be accountable for the still unexplained failures for which not one person has yet been held accountable.

Richard Gage, AIA and over 1,400 building professionals agree on conclusive evidence that explosives were responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC-7. This makes it the duty of Congress and the
Department of Justice to convene a Grand Jury – Now!

If the petition is ignored the public will have good reason to believe the government is involved in another cover-up. We know the Vietnam War was a product of a government lie called the “Tonkin Resolution”. Did the government also lie to us about why we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq? The American People have a critical need to know the truth.

After all, the government has used 9/11 to assault our civil rights, personal privacy, dangerous airport scanners, First Amendment, internet access, Homeland security, denial of Habeus Corpus and now, domestic terrorism where Americans are now the suspects in a dubious war on terror.

If 9/11 is a lie, wouldn’t you want to know?

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